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Olentangy Schools’ mission is grounded in its pursuit to facilitate maximum learning for every student. That mission drives all behaviors and decisions. It’s a place that focuses on the needs of the whole child, and strives to produce aware, global citizens who will be successful after graduation.

Preschool Foundations

Preschool Foundations

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Our Philosophy   
Preschool Program Types
What Do We Do In Preschool?
Play-Based Information 
A Glimpse Into Our Preschool Classrooms (Video)

Preschool Staff

Preschool Staff

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Locations & Times

Locations & times

Our classrooms are located in various elementary school buildings across the district. Our locations vary based on the elementary enrollment. We also have preschool classrooms at Shanahan Preschool and the Delaware Area Career Center.

Special Education Services

Special Education Services 

Olentangy’s preschool program is a special needs preschool program that integrates typically-developing preschool students (peer models) with special needs students.

Peer Model

Peer Model 

Preschool is non-compulsory education, therefore the district has established criteria to select peers to best serve as models of age-appropriate skills for...

Required Forms

RequireD FORMS 

Once enrollment is completed for preschool student, parents/guardians should work on completing these additional forms required by the Ohio Department of Education for preschool licensing. Please click on the link below to access the forms. Please note that some forms can be submitted online and others need to be printed and completed by a medical professional. 

Preschool News & Events

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