Preschool Program Types

The Olentangy Preschool Program is a special needs preschool providing services to children identified with disabilities. Service options include:

  • Itinerant Program: Services are provided in the child's home, daycare or private preschool by a traveling itinerant teacher and/or related services therapists. Goals, objectives and supports provided are determined and detailed in the child's Individual Education Plan (IEP). 
  • Itinerant Phonology Program: The Phonology Program is for students demonstrating deficits with articulation/phonology. This program meets for one and a half hours, one time per week in an Olentangy preschool classroom. Led by a speech pathologist and an intervention specialist, the small class size allows for activities that target various phonological processes and sound errors.
  • Center-based Services: Preschool students with special needs and peer models participate in center-based classrooms four days per week (Tuesday through Friday). Classes can have up to 16 children and are staffed by an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist and a minimum of one assistant. Therapists are assigned to classrooms as prescribed by the Individual Education Plans of the special needs students.

For additional details about the Olentangy Preschool Program and service options, please see the Olentangy Preschool Handbook.

For information about having your child attend as a peer model, please see Peer Model Program.

For information about what happens during a preschool day, please see What we do in preschool?