Peer Model Applications

AUGUST 2022 UPDATE: We have limited peer model spots available for the 22-23 school year. We are not currently enrolling additional students. Starting the week of August 29, you can call our preschool receptionist at 740-654-4350 to discuss the openings. At that time the peer application will be sent to you to complete and move forward with your preschool placement.

2023-2024 Peer Model Application

Peer Model Criteria & Tuition 

The Olentangy Preschool is mandated by the State of Ohio to provide special education services to children that have a disability.   

Peers serve as models of age-appropriate skills for children demonstrating delays in their development.  

For this reason, it is critical that peers demonstrate the skills listed below. 

  • Age four - children 4 by December 31 can start the first day of school; children 4 between January 1 and March 15 can start first day after winter break; children turning 4 after March 15th should apply for the next school year.  

  • Completely toilet trained 

  • Separates easily from parents 

  • Able to follow rules and routines 

  • Can attend to a preferred/self-directed activity for at least 8 to 10 minutes 

  • Can attend to an adult-selected activity for at least 4-5 minutes 

  • Plays with a variety of toys appropriately 

  • Able to play beside and/or with other children while sharing the same bin of toys 

  • Speaks in clear English sentences 

  • Talks to other children while playing 

  • Speech is clear and understandable by unfamiliar adults 

  • Can understand and answer simple questions in English 

  • Demonstrates an ability to use crayons, scissors and glue to complete a project 

  • Is well-coordinated and able to walk, run, jump and climb 

If after a brief trial period, your child is not able to consistently demonstrate the criteria above within the preschool classroom, your child will not be able to continue to attend Olentangy preschool program as a peer model.   


Preschool classes meet Tuesday-Friday.  The Olentangy Preschool Program follows the Olentangy Local School District calendar, with the exception of Mondays. Our session times vary based on location.   

Class Size and Make-up: a preschool classroom that serves both students with special needs and typical peers at a 50/50 ratio is called an integrated classroom.  A preschool classroom can have up to 16 children and are staffed by an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist and a minimum of one assistant.  

Sessions Times:  Integrated morning classroom times vary, but are generally 9:00-11:40 am or 1:00– 3:40 pm.  Parents will indicate on the peer application their preference of sessions times, location based on geographic region. To learn more about the current preschool location and session times, please go to the main preschool district webpage 

Transportation: Parents/Guardians must provide all transportation to and from school.  No bus transportation will be provided for peer models. 

Tuition: Peer tuition is $170 per month (September through May) for AM and PM sessions.  Not all session options are available at all preschool sites. 

Peer Application 

Please complete a peer application.  If you are interested in having your child be considered to serve as a peer model within the Olentangy Preschool Program, please go to the main preschool webpage and click on peer application which will be available in late January 2021. 

1st Step: submit an electronic peer application. 

2nd Step: Your child’s application will be reviewed and you will receive an email in regards to whether or not your child meets the criteria  

3rd Step: If your child meets the criteria for the Olentangy Preschool, in July when the preschool locations have been finalized, you will be offered a preschool spot in one of our preschool locations based on your session time and location preferences indicated in the peer application. 

4th Step: You will have 24 hours to accept or decline the preschool location and session time assign. 

5th Step: If you accept, then you will be asked to sign a tuition agreement and will be provided steps to complete the registration process with the Olentangy Local School District. 

6th Step: All preschool peers must be fully registered, completed required foms, and prove residency to attend preschool.    

7th Step: Your child starts with the Olentangy Preschool and loves it!